What Not to Ask Your Housekeeper To Do

What Not to Ask Your Housekeeper To Do

Housekeepers can handle various tasks that keep your living space clean and comfortable, but housekeepers have their limitations. It’s important to understand what falls outside their typical duties. So what not to ask your housekeeper to do ?

Housekeepers are generally responsible for indoor cleaning and maintenance. Expecting them to mow the lawn, rake leaves, or perform other yard work is unreasonable.

These tasks require different tools and expertise. For outdoor maintenance, hiring a landscaping service or gardener is a more appropriate solution.

Tasks like administering medication, dressing wounds, or providing personal hygiene assistance should be handled by a qualified caregiver or nurse. Housekeepers are not medical professionals.

Housekeeping services are also separate from childcare or eldercare. If you need assistance with children or elderly family members, consider hiring a babysitter or caregiver specifically trained for those roles.

If something wasn’t discussed beforehand, it’s best to have a conversation with your housekeeper before adding it to their workload.

Respect their time and expertise by keeping requests within the agreed-upon cleaning duties.

Discuss expectations clearly at the outset, and be flexible if something needs to be adjusted.

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